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  • Does Your SMART Dashboard Work Anywhere In The World?

    It sure does, you just need a reliable power supply, compatible energy monitoring and triggering hardware, along with a reliable internet service, for simple easy triggering of your appliances.

  • What Devices Can I Display Your SMART Dashboard On?

    Our SMART dashboard has been designed to sit well on many hardware platforms. From mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops to Smart TVs. All data is easily accessible via any browser and will scale to fit the screen of any Iphone, Ipad, Android, Windows based mobile device.

  • Who Manages the SMART Solar Power Dashboard?

    Aussie Home Energy does, whom is a small business that has successfully been helping Aussie householders save off electricity costs since 2010. Learn more about this business HERE

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  • Diverting Power

  • How Much Power Can I Divert Using A Wi-Fi Smart Plug?

    In Australia the mains voltage is 240 V [Volts]. The maximum power rating of any Wi-Fi Smart Plug is usually around 10 A [Current] / 2400 W [Power]. Multiply the two numbers, thus 10 X 240 = 2400W.

    We have shown you the maths, so if you live in another country with a different mains voltage, you can work out the maximum power rating.

  • What Appliances Can I Divert Power To?

    The list of appliances is endless and it is best if the appliance turns on again when power is reactivated after being switched off. These appliances could range from:

    • Tumble Dryers
    • Washing Machines
    • Portable AC units
    • Fans / Blowers
    • Oil / Bar / Convection / Storage Heaters
    • Heated Towel Rails
    • Small Immersion Heaters
    • Slow Cookers
    • Desktop Ovens
    • Battery Charging
    • Golf Carts
    • Electric Cars
    • Humidifiers
    • Hot Tubs / Spas
    • Swimming Pool Pumps / Cleaners
    • Water / Bore / Fishpond Pumps
  • How Much Power Can I Divert In Total?

    This depends on your amount of excess solar power. This amount will depend on your generation and consumption levels. 2400W per Wi-Fi Smart Plug. Thus two Wi-Fi Smart Plugs means 4800W. We hope you get the picture!

  • Can I Divert The Excess Solar Power To My Hot Water System?

    Yes you can. You will need an electrician though, one of our heavy duty relays and a Belkin WeMO Maker device. The WeMo Maker switching the relay connected to the hot water.

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